First Kiss

She feels the high seas inside

When a wave crests from her stomach

Up into her solar plexus drowning her lungs


As she gasps for air “HuuuH”

That is how badly she wants

She laughs relieved, not dead, not alone

The inhale expands her rib cage

She holds her breath,

Full of air, full of oxygen, full of life, full of full, full of God, full of herself


She exhales with a sigh,

With a soft, with a slow, with a song

A song of long longing having had,

A song of hollow haunting having held

A silent wing stroke by her cheek


The crested wave again in her stomach

Surfing up through her lungs

Barfing up into their first kiss


Lipstick smeared on the wall

Where they fucked

They couldn’t wait


She wants breakfast in bed with a blowjob

to be seen, to be touched in her soul


Where is your soul? He asks

It’s right here, she says,

He kisses the air where she’s pointing,

Strokes it with his bare hands


A tear rolls down her cheek

When she discovers her heart

Buried in the third toe on her right foot.