Little People Sex

I’m an architect with an unusual niche. I design homes, rooms, devices, things needed for little people so they can function in a world that suits and fits them according to size.

I do this work because I fell in love with a little woman.

She frequently had pain in her body due to the somewhat misshapen size and form of her legs, arms and torso. Her legs hurt at the end of the day from walking or standing, so I designed a bed for sex with her that massaged her as she lay there and I could fuck her.

The bed looked like an upside down Y. Her torso fit in the long part, and her legs were parted in the fork of the Y. The sides of the Y had rollers that slid up and down, compressing and retreating along the backs and sides of her little spread legs. Think Brookstone Massage Chair For Dwarf Sex.

I could maneuver how wide her legs would be spread to make room for my hips and my cock. Under the long part of the Y were similar rollers that would roll up and down her spine, massaging her erector spinae, the long muscles that run the length of the spine on either side of it.

As the rollers would come under her pelvis she would be raised up in an undulating motion towards me, and if I hit the button at the exact right time I could plunge into her little wet dwarf pussy and separate her legs wider as they were being massaged and relieved from the day’s tension.

I would drive into her again and again, and she would writhe with pleasure and moan and squirm. I would tilt the whole contraption towards me, and dive in as deep as possible, driving myself into a frenzy as she relaxed more and more, letting me in deeper and deeper and we would come in these long, drawn out, cramping spasming orgasms out-moaning each other in the longest moan ever, like a never-ending burp that just goes on and on and on. We’d re-adjust and just keep coming, and coming, and coming in waves of spasms that eventually turned into cramps and moans that slowly turned to painful cries as the muscle cramps would take over her little body and her vagina would clamp down on my cock so hard I thought she’d cut it right off.

And we’d cry, and come, and spasm, and spew and scream and cramp until one of us passed out, usually me on top of her in the Y-shaped contraption.

Oh, how I loved her.

That relationship launched a whole new career for me: contraptions for little people having sex with other little people, for little people have sex with regular-sized people, and for little people having sex with giants like basketball players, wrestlers and such.

So that’s my story, believe it or not. I design and make sex contraptions for unusual sex, specializing in little people…