Tangerine Sex

It made me think of pussy.

I’ve been thinking about sex most of the day today. Maybe it’s that spring is here; maybe it was the texture of the inside of the peel: soft, moist, leaving a slight stickiness on my fingertips, with all the little veins whitish over the little orange boats in intricate patterns; knobby-textured, feels funny to my tongue, similar to labia. Continue reading

Difficult Sally

Sally was a difficult child because she arrived in a basket on the doorstep, without instructions. We are still not sure how it came to be that she landed on our doorstep, or who may have delivered her. We’re pretty sure that it wasn’t the stork, since it was at least a decade since the last stork had departed Denmark.

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Tea for Two

On our first date we went out for tea.

The minute we sat down, he said, “I need to tell you about myself,” and I said, “Yes?” He told me he was in a relationship, and that he has been unfaithful most of his life. He has never been single and never been able to be monogamous. Continue reading