Write Your Passion Online Writing Series

Are you ready to discover the most
Sensual Passionate you?

Awaken your desire, turn yourself on, and feel empowered in just six weeks.

Write Your Passion
Writing Series

Masked WomanDo you sometimes feel too timid to express your desires while secretly envying romance and erotica writers? That was my truth for a long time—before I gained the courage to reveal my sensuality on the page and in my relationships. And I can honestly tell you that doing so has been one of the most liberating chapters of my life.

Giving your desires the power of expression can be both thrilling and transformative. Your erotic voice flows from the same center in your body as your creative and sexual energy. Putting language to those deep-seated desires opens the channel so it can flow freely not just in your writing but into other areas of your life as well.

In this six-week online workshop, you’ll experience new found confidence, camaraderie, and connection to yourself. You’ll feel safe, and supported in an intimate community of like-minded people.

Whether you don’t consider yourself a writer, or you have stacks of secret unpublished erotica, you’ll discover new desires and untold stories that just might change your life.

Each weekly erotica writing session will include:

  • Warm-up writing exercise to get your juices flowing
  • Share your writing and receive supportive feedback
  • A short reading of inspirational erotica
  • Learn powerful improvisational writing techniques
  • Spicy writing prompts followed by writing time
  • Partner or small group sharing

A Rave Review:

“I am a writer, mother, and member of the Baby Boomer generation. Most people may think that a woman of my age is past the age of the exploration of the sensual and the sexual. However, I decided to take Trine’s Erotica Writing Workshop Series not because I necessarily had designs on writing erotica. I decided to take the workshop as a gift to myself. I, frankly, enjoy making decisions that are in opposition to the popular cultural ideas about women in their 60’s. My thinking was that I was the perfect age to re-introduce my erotic self to me.

I have just completed the fourth week of Trine’s Live Erotica Writing Workshop Series, and I can honestly say that the series has already transformed and expanded who I am as a woman. Not only have I re-awakened the sensual erotic self, but Trine and her work have given me a gift completely unexpected but, to me, just as valuable. That is, I have also re-awakened that child-like wonder and playfulness in me. With each writing exercise the words that come out of the pen are nothing short of a complete and utter surprise.

Further, what I have realized is that the dance between the deep sensuality and the wonder and playfulness has created a partnership that I have taken into my daily life. I am just having more fun. Period. With myself, with men, and with my friends. My mind, my heart and my soul are undergoing a renaissance. And that combination is EXACTLY what I am looking for at this point in my life. Of all places to find it!

Trine, thank you for your guidance, your coaching, and the safe, intimate, and accepting environment you provide for us. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.”  — MaryElizabeth B.